Brittany Cabrera

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Brittany Cabrera

Owner / Real Estate Agent


Phone: 773-606-3919


Brittany Cabrera is a former teacher turned Rockstar Realtor. She was a bilingual teacher in both Chicago, Illinois, and Conroe ISD before deciding to follow her heart into real estate. As a teacher Brittany was always described as PASSIONATE, HARDWORKING, and CREATIVE. As a realtor she uses those same qualities to help her friends and neighbors make big transitions in their lives. Working with her clients as they make big decisions for them, and their families is exciting for Brittany as she has always wanted to make a big impact on her community.
Whether it is
– buying a new home
– selling a current home
– moving here from out state
– buying your FIRST HOME
– helping empty nesters transition to their next home
– picking a new build community
– purchasing land to build your dream
Brittany can help!
She often says “my favorite is when my clients become my friends…and they almost always become my friends”.
From talking with her clients this isn’t just because she helped them find their home. She also goes the extra step in helping them become part of the community, continued communication, recommendations of local places, family activities, and people to help with home projects, and surprise little treats for her clients!
With a heart for serving kids and teachers in schools, she served her community as a member of a local preschool School board. She also makes sure to stay up to date with what is happening inside of our schools both locally and nationally. This helps her bring a unique perspective to real estate for families. Brittany’s goal is to follow in her family legacy and make a big impact on her community that is remembered for generations to come.

Why Choose Me?


Detail Oriented

Whether it’s a house to purchase or to rent, I dig into each and every house option that my buyers find. I don’t just show up and unlock the door. I have the information and answers to their questions. I do my research first, and come prepared with information.


Life Realtor

I also provide information on surrounding area - everything from restaurants, activities, childcare, good doctors in the area, and more. I have been called a “life realtor” because I really strive to help my buyers settle into not just their new house but the community as a whole.


Problem Solver

I am a problem solver and creative at heart meaning that I thrive on the challenge of solving problems, and I think outside the box or use different techniques to do so. My clients often say “Oh I hadn’t thought of that” or “that’s a different idea” when we talking.